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Types of Pay Per Click Banner
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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The pay per click banner works two ways. It can cost you money and it can make you money. The first we will look at is making money from a pay per click banner.

Pay per click banners which make money mean you have to advertise on your website. In signing up with a pay per click banner service, you place a small piece of code on your site, as a minimum requirement on your homepage then it's usually up to you whether you add the code to other pages. Through this, a random advertisement is shown form the program's database on each viewing of that page. Each click generated from one of these banners will earn you a few pennies.

Of course, if you don't mind what kind of advertisements you show, and you have a high traffic site, this might work well for you. The problems can be that the ads are not relevant to your visitors and you don't actually get any revenue from them, or you may have to place the banner in a completely inappropriate place on the page if it has to go at the top then your visitor sees this before any of your content. You will most likely also have to provide a banner of your own to be shown on the other sites in the network.

The other type of pay per click banner advertising is that which costs money. Again, this usually involves signing up with an advertising network. They display your banners, possibly in exchange for you displaying banners, but you only pay if a click is made on your banner, creating a visitor to your site. You may need to create your own banner, or some places will make one for you, for an extra one off charge.

Another type of banner advertising, not to be confused with the pay per click banner is guaranteed impression banner advertising. This can be done on many sites somewhere big with thousands of hits a day such as MSN's portals, or a carefully chosen network related to your content. The drawback here is that you pay for the banner to be shown a set number of time and you pay for each time it is displayed, not each time it is clicked to generate a visit to your site. So, from 10,000 banner impressions it is possible you only get a handful of visitors, meaning the p pay per click banner is generally better value.

BIG Mike is a well known author, developer and Adsense expert as well as the owner of Niche Maniacs - a unique Adsense Marketing System designed to build long-term passive income streams from Adsense, YPN, Chitika and other PPC services.

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