Latest Version Is V2.0 - Last Updated On 28/05/02

You know to successfully promote any website
or product or even affiliate program on the internet 
you need to get your message or ad in front of as many 
Eyes As You Possibly Can At The Best Price!!

This is where using safelists can help you out....

Send your message or ads to thousands daily!
Post to safelists using your web browser only
Join free safelists if you are on a limited budget
Join paid safelists as your budget grows
Never loose your ISP connection
Never get accused of sending out spam you can start promoting your,
website or product or affiliate program no
matter what your marketing budget is...

Latest Version Is V2.0
Now Linked Directly To Our Large
Growing Online Database Of Safelists 
Fully Searchable Database
 Search By A Safelist Name or URL
Search By A Price Category 
Search By A Date A Safelist Was Added To Our Database

Comes With Full Resale Rights
Plus A Free CGI Safelist Script

What is a Safelist anyway ? 

A Safe list is a list of email addresses of people who join and agree to receive emails from other members and to send emails to other members. 

Messages sent to a safe list are NOT considered SPAM because the members on the safe list agree to receive emails from the other members on the safe list

What does Web Based Mailer mean and why are they so important ?

Web based mailer means that the safelist that you join hosts the safelist on their own servers and you do not need to download any other software or lists of email addresses in order to send your messages or ads to the members of that safelist.

It is also good to only use safelists that are web based mailers as the messages or ads you send out to other members of that safelist are not going through your ISP so you will not loose your internet connection because you have been accused of spamming people. 

See in order for a member of a safelist to get your messages or ads they need to personally join the safelist just like you would need to do if you wish to send your messages or ads out to the members of a safelist.
So it is 100% SPAM FREE

But how do I find all these Free or Paid 
safelists without wasting hours of my valuable time ?

Easy just purchase a copy of  The Safelist Directory eBook v2.0 and you will now have direct access to our large growing online database of free and paid web based safelists which you can start joining right away.

As of 28/05/02 there were over 600+
Web Based Mailer Safelists Listed
In Our Online Safelist Database


You do not just get a list of web based safelists you can join for free or paid but you also get your very own CGI Safelist Script so you to can start making money by being a safelist owner and charging a one time fee or a monthly membership fee to people that want to join and start sending their ads to members on your very own safelist.

You also get full Resale Rights to the CGI Safelist Script and to the Safelist Directory eBook v2.0 plus a professionally designed website just like this one so you can upload it to your web server and also start reselling the Safelist Directory eBook v2.0 right away! 

You get all this for only a one time payment of $9.95 so if you just resell just one copy you will have made your money back or sell even more copies and you will be in profit.

But that is not all if you order today you will also get a free Pro membership to the Safelist Magic Safelist at no extra cost


Here are a few more features of The Safelist Directory eBook

It has a full MP3 Audio Player built-in
A button to send The Safelist Directory eBook to your windows System Tray when you are not using it.
Direct access to our live online safelist chat room directly from with in The Safelist Directory eBook
It now contains our Safelist How To guide that will keep growing every month.
It now comes with a built in CGI Safelist Script that the user can extract to their HDD from The Safelist Directory eBook and install on their website and it also makes a good bonus when selling The Safelist Directory eBook

ONLY $9.95
Instant Download 


We offer a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

No Questions Asked

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